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2-year paraglider check

From risers to the wing - meticulous check of the paraglider for the issue of a technical certificate


Price65,00 €

In most European countries every paragliding wing needs to have a technical inspection once in two years or after every 100 hours of flight. Left that aside, to fly with a peace of mind it is essential to be attached to the wing that meets the basic technical requirements for safe flight. Technical certificate of a paraglider is the objective review of it`s current condition, so it is important document also for sale or purchase of used paragliding wing.

Our service center carries out thorough inspection of the paragliding wing from risers to the wing. We check the wing material for porosity and strengh. Laser measurement of the lines is made to determine if the lenghts are in accordance with certificated model. If necessary, we repair minor damages on the wing and make line trimming to stabilise the angle of attack and symmetry of the wing. Along with formal technical inspection certificate we issue our technical report with measurement analysis and information of necessary corrections.