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The original Rook was the first product from Triple Seven to hit the market, and it made a big splash already then. Now in its 3rd and much-improved incarnation, the Triple Seven Rook 3 is still a high-end EN B wing. It is made for ambitious leisure pilots, perhaps with a desire to do more ambitious cross-country flights, provided this can be done on a wing with a sound passive safety margin.


  • Progressive handling, offering easy and precise control characteristics
  • Incorporated BC system
  • BPI - Back position intake technology
  • VDO - Visual design optimization
  • STE - Smooth trailing edge
  • OCV - Optimized cross vents
  • LMO - Optimized geometry of suspension lines and materials for prolonged trim
  • Profile and trim speed optimized for great climbing abilities
  • Optimized pitch stability and ease of piloting
  • EN-B, LTF-B certification

Official manufacturer's website of the product